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Toronto Bailiff Services

Mr. Bailiff Inc. serving the Toronto GTA since 1990. 

» Lease Termination & Lockouts
» Vehicle and Equipment Repossession
» Lien Registration
» Lien Search
» Personal Property Seizure
» Vehicle Ownership Transfer

Commercial Tenancies

• Consultation
• Sale of Inventory
• Storage Facilities and Security services
• Termination of Lease / Lockout
• Lease consultation
• Check out our low cost fees under PRICING
• Commercial distraints carried out


• Repossession of cars, boats, aircraft
• Ownerships for abandoned vehicles
• Lien Registration
• Lien Search
• ExpeRt in the seizure of equipment

Property Seizure

We will repossess for Leasing companies, and Car Dealers as well as private financing on motor vehicles, heavy and construction equipment and any other items covered by Personal Property Security Act.
We will REPO for you.

Do you have a commercial tenant who owes you money?

We are the bailiff company that the legal community turns to for all their commercial landlord and tenant needs!

Mr. Bailiff Inc. has operated in the City of Toronto and surrounding areas since 1990. We are a staff of Ministry appointed, bonded bailiffs who have built a reputation for knowledge and good service based on their expertise in Landlord and Tenant matters and the Repair & Storage Liens Act. We specialize in The Commercial Tenancies Act of Ontario. Mr. Bailiff Inc. was integral in bringing the Repair & Storage Liens Act to motor vehicle repairers in 1990. It was the first bailiff company to send representatives into the field to educate the industry on their rights under the legislation, providing customers with a service which was unsurpassed. As was always the practice in this company, Mr. Bailiff Inc. chose to specialize in only 2 areas: The Commercial Tenancies Act and Repair and Storage Liens.
 All our bailiffs are specialists in these two areas. We are not tax collectors, nor do we pursue the business of large banks, so we have the time and manpower to dedicate ourselves completely to our specialties. Landlords can rest assured that they will be given sound advice, the best prices in the city, and superior service 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We have a network of professionals to help us from start to finish whether we are "distraining goods" of your tenant or performing a commercial lockout / lease termination. Our bailiffs will meet with you to discuss which option benefits you the landlord in collecting your rental arrears. We are affiliated with certified appraisers and have a network of buyers who will do their utmost to get you "top dollar" for any seized inventory.


We specialize in The Commercial Tenancies Act of Ontario.

Toronto Bailiff Services

We specialize in all Commercial Landlord and tenant matters. We will come to you promptly.

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